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A Village in the Alentejo heart

Located near Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage site, São Brás do Regedouro is an authentic Alentejo village that combines rural tourism with regional appreciation.

Here, you can interact with local residents, learn about their traditions and lifestyles, while enjoying the comforts of modern life and the tranquility of the village.

Our People

Meet the residents of São Brás do Regedouro, who, with great appreciation for their traditions and customs, actively participated in the revitalization of the village.

Some of them work in the accommodations, sharing stories and smiles with visitors, providing a true village experience.

The Village Revitalization

The village’s revitalization project arose from a family trip. The father and his children discovered the small village and fell in love with the people living there, their traditional lifestyle, and saw an opportunity to create more jobs for those people and showcase this charming place to everyone.

São Brás do Regedouro – Village Tourism is the result of the family’s investment and collaborative work with the inhabitants, where 15 houses were renovated to become part of the accommodations, and leisure and relaxation spaces were created for visitors and villagers to interact and enjoy. This revitalization project is a testament to the community’s commitment to sustainable tourism and the preservation of its unique culture.

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