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An Immersive Experience in Alentejo’s heart

In São Brás do Regedouro we offer a unique experience to all those who visit us. We provide the possibility of being integrated in a space full of history, promoting contact with the elderly, experiencing and reinterpreting the popular mythology of a typical Alentejo village, without neglecting the comfort of contemporary life.

We promote an experience with history, knowledge about other daily routines in the village and a space where you can “not be just a tourist”.

Our History
Turismo Imersivo- Inicio

Comfort and elegance in the Village Accommodation

In the village’s heart, we provide the best accommodation so you can live the most rewarding experience. We value the comfort of our guests and invest in the sophistication that only the Alentejo countryside can offer.

We have at your disposal several options of houses that can fit your needs. Rest and discover more of this fascinating environment that enchants everyone.

Our Houses
Turismo - Casa da JoanaTurismo - Casa fornoTurismo - casa da custódia - alojamento

Unique Experiences

Take advantage of your stay to enjoy our experience packages.

We have several activities available for you, your family and friends, and make the most of your days in São Brás do Regedouro.

Our Experiences
Turismo na Aldeia experiência- Passeio de Bicicleta

Authentic Alentejo and Portuguese Gastronomy!

In the village, we have a restaurant that offers all the comfort and joy so you can enjoy the best meals and complement your experience with the local cuisine.

Our menu is meticulously designed so you can enjoy delicious meals, with varied dishes that appeal to both adults and children.

You can also book our space for your event!

Our Restaurant
Turismo na aldeia - restaurante
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