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Between the ages of 2 and 12 inclusive
Between the ages of 0 and 1

An Immersive Experience in Alentejo’s heart

Discover the magic of Alentejo in São Brás do Regedouro, where rural tourism comes to life. Immerse yourself in history and tradition, interact with locals, and feel the authentic Alentejo culture, all with modern comfort.

Here, you are not just a visitor; you are part of a vibrant community, ready to create unique memories in an authentic Alentejo village. Enjoy a stay at a pet-friendly hotel, where your pets are also welcome to enjoy the tranquility of the village.

Our History

Comfort and elegance in the Village Accommodation

Make the most of your stay by creating unique memories with the village activities we offer. From nature walks to immersive cultural experiences, São Brás do Regedouro is the ideal place for rural getaways and adventures in Alentejo.

Enjoy the tranquility of the village and the beauty of this region, participating in activities that highlight local culture and sustainability. Our accommodations provide all the comfort and elegance, allowing you to relax and connect with the regional tradition.

Our Houses
Turismo - Casa da JoanaTurismo - Casa fornoTurismo - casa da custódia - alojamento

Unique Experiences

During your stay, create unforgettable memories with our activities. Explore nature and immerse yourself in the culture of Alentejo in São Brás do Regedouro.

Here, the tranquility of the village and beauty invite you to experience rural adventures, celebrating local culture and sustainability. Participate in craft workshops, local wine tastings, and guided village tours, experiencing true village tourism in an authentic and engaging way.

Our Experiences
Turismo na Aldeia experiência- Passeio de Bicicleta

Authentic Alentejo and Portuguese Gastronomy!

Host memorable events in our versatile space, with stunning views of the Alentejo countryside. Our restaurant, open exclusively for groups, offers a fusion of classic Alentejo flavors with high-quality local products.

Experience dishes that evoke the history of the village, ideal for groups seeking an authentic gastronomic experience in an authentic Alentejo village. The perfect environment to celebrate special moments, surrounded by the tranquility of the village and natural beauty.

Our Restaurant
Turismo na aldeia - restaurante

Slow Life, Slow Travel & Simple Life

Experience the essence of Slow Life and Slow Travel in São Brás do Regedouro.

Embrace the simple life in an authentic Alentejo village, where the pace is slower, and every moment is cherished.

From the calm surroundings to the meaningful interactions with locals, your stay will be a journey back to simpler times, where sustainability and tradition are at the forefront.

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